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Come Visit our Mountain Bred Fox Trotters

Family-Friendly Horse Farm

We raise mountain bred Fox Trotters where  we focus on gait, temperament and size. Located near the rugged mountains of North West Wyoming, we raise BIG fox trotter horses for any Big job.

Our Products

Horse Training

We offer skillful training using natural horsemanship techniques.


We Raise quality Fox Trotters with the size temperament and gait to easily tackle our rugged mountain terrain. We like to have big bones and lots of muscle without compromising a smooth gait.

Horse Shoeing

With an AAS in farrier Business, we offer quality Farrier services where we can naturally balance your horses feet for the best performance. We do corrective shoeing, work with lameness, and improve your hoof health.


For Sale

Each year we have a crop of foals that are offered as weanlings. We usually have trained horses available as well. Occasionally we have livestock guardian puppies or cow dog puppies for sale too.


We offer quality alfalfa hay in small square bales.


Get in touch with us!

PO Box 493, Basin Wyoming 82410


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