For Sale

Missouri Fox Trotters

All of our horses on this sight are for sale for the right price. But here are the ones we are actively selling. The names by the pics are of the "Mother & Father" of each foal raised. You can find pics and some videos of each parent on our farm in the Missouri Fox Trotters section in the menu on the top of the page or click the button bellow to see all our mares and studs.

2020 Foals

Celest & Chino Baby

She is Here! May 15th brought us a sweet little chestnut filly. She will end up 15.2-15.3 hh. This little gal will have a super gentle nature, easy to train, and amazing gait!


Angel & Chino Filly

And Another Filly has arrived! May 23. This little gal is a Black Beauty for sure. She will end up about 15.2 hh and is super gaited. She is put together right. She will have a super gentle mind and easy to train. She is pure Black! Npt a single hair of white anywhere.


Goldie & Chino Filly

This Little lady is only a few hours old. Born May 31, she is a beautiful little sorrel. She should be a super friendly, well gaited gal that will end up around 15.2-15.3 hh with lots of muscle. 


Biscuit & Chino Filly

Born May 13th. This cute little gal has a base coat that is golden palomino, but she will end up grey. I have included a picture of her full brother in her gallery to show what color she will end up as. She is very well gaited and will probably end up between 15-15.1 hh. With a super gentle sweet personality, she will be an easy keeper and easy to train.