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Missouri Fox Trotters

All of our horses on this sight are for sale for the right price. But here are the ones we are actively selling. The names by the pics are of the "Mother & Father" of each foal raised. You can find pics and some videos of each parent on our farm in the Missouri Fox Trotters section in the menu on the top of the page or click the button bellow to see all our mares and studs. We sometimes have horses that aren't listed, so feel free to call or e-mail just to check. Good Luck horse hunting!

2021 Foals

Celest & Chino Baby

Born June 5. Palomino Colt. This cute little guy will be a beautiful horse.

$ Sold


Angel & Chino Filly

May 18 brought us a beautiful chestnut filly. She should mature between 15.1-15.3 hh and will have an amazing gait. This pretty gal is put together right! She may even turn liver chestnut...once her baby coat sheds, we shall see. 



Goldie & Chino

(Chino's Independence)


This lad arrived on the 4 of July. He is a cute palomino colt that will end up between 16-16.1 hh and thick as a brick. He is very well gaited already! 


Sale Pending

Biscuit & Chino

Our first colt of the year is Here! Born May 17th he is a beautiful buckskin. He is expected to end up 15.hh-15.1hh. This guy won't last long. His gait will be perfect and he will be so easygoing and friendly just like his mom and dad. In his gallery is a picture of his Grey Full Brother as a 2 yr old, just to give you an idea of how pretty this guy will be.

$ Sold


Amber & Chino

Another little colt! Born May 26. don't let the pics fool you....this beautiful baby is not sorrel but a dark palomino. He will shed off to be a very dark golden palomino...which is one of my personal favorite colors! He will be nice and big and very well gaited. 



Mary & Chino

(Chino's Lucky Star)

She is here. Our first little foal arrived May 1st. She is a very dark bay, just like her daddy. She will be a nice big filly expecting to be around 15.1-15.3 hh. She will have a nice mooth gait and an easy to train personality. I love her big star...



Babe & Chino 

This beautiful blood bay filly was born May 11th. She is our BIGGEST baby and I expect her to hit 16-16.3 hh. Her leg bones are soooo much thicker than her siblings and she is 3 inches taller than ALL of them, even the older ones ...She already exhibits a very natural gait. She is the only baby that does NOT come with paper, as her mother was never registered. If you are looking for HUGE SIZE, and gait and don't care about paper...she would be my first pick! She is going to be a mountain horse machine!



Tay & Chino

She is here! Born on Summer Solstice, this buckskin filly will be a looker. She already fox trots around and is put together right. She will end up about 16 hh and be super thick. If you want a big size, great color, and gentle mind, this gal is perfect. She would also be an excellent addition to any breeding program!


2018 Foals

Biscuit & Chino Filly


Here's beautiful 3 yr old filly that is all smooth. She just shed off her white winter coat to show us her lovely dapple palomino. She will probably end up around 15.1hh. She has a very natural gait, perfect conformation and a sweet personality. I am sooo excited to start her training. She gaits freely EVRYWHERE! I plan on getting some quick video's of her moving will love what you see! She is a quick learner and will be an awesome forever horse! Price goes up once training begins. The last pic in her gallery is of her full brother as a 2 yr old.

*New Video's in Her Gallery*

Took This video while waiting in the vet parking lot. She has NEVER even seen a round pen or been worked, I guess technically can be her first ride. This gal is beyond relaxed and gentle!


Older Horses

Peaches and Cream

Missouri Fox Trotter x Paint horse

This Big gal is half Fox Trotter, half paint horse. She is 15 yr old, 15.3 hh and has lots of mountain miles. She can go, go, go! She does a very fast walk like a fox trotter, and she does a running walk with a little help. Once she get's into the trot, it is all HARD trot (though a smooth trot for a non gaited horse). She neck reigns and goes' where you point. She has a lot of GO! Not for a beginner, but and intermediate rider would do great! Very gentle and easy to handle, great with her feet, easy to load and haul. This gal is a mountain trail horse treasure

*New Video*- In her Gallery

The video is pretty raw, and uncut. She was fresh caught and hadn't been ridden in a while, so you can see exactly how she is. 


Other Horses


Tennesse WAlkers

Black Jack

8 yr old Tennessee Walker

Handsom and Big! 15.3 hh and nice and stout. Currently in training! He neck reigns, side passes, has lots of smooth gaits to choose from! This guy is so friendly and super fun to ride!


6 yr old Tennessee Walker. 14.1 hh.

Cute little guy, that is super well gaited. Will make a great kids or ladies horse. Pictures, price, and video coming end of July!


12 yr old Tennessee Walker

This sorrel fellow is a nice mover. Currently in training. Pictures, price and video coming end of July!



13 yr old Saddle Bred

This tall black gentleman is soooo fun to ride. He is very well gaited and a fun trail horse. Pictures, price and video coming end of July!


Sema (Mom)
Kangal/ Maremma

Livestock Guardians

Sold... December 2020 brought us 2 little puppies and they are both headed to Hawaii to guard sheep!

Short Hair! NO cockle burs, NO mud, little shedding!!!!!

Tough enough to endure Wyoming Blizzards!


Hero (Dad)
Kangal/ Boerboel