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Missouri Fox Trotters

All of our horses on this sight are for sale for the right price. But here are the ones we are actively selling. The names by the pics are of the "Mother & Father" of each foal raised. You can find pics and some videos of each parent on our farm in the Missouri Fox Trotters section in the menu on the top of the page or click the button bellow to see all our mares and studs.

2020 Foals

Celest & Chino Baby

She is Here! May 15th brought us a sweet little chestnut filly. She will end up 15.2-15.3 hh. This little gal will have a super gentle nature, easy to train, and amazing gait!


Angel & Chino Filly

And Another Filly has arrived! May 23. This little gal is a Black Beauty for sure. She will end up about 15.2 hh and is super gaited. She is put together right. She will have a super gentle mind and easy to train. She is pure Black! Not a single hair of white anywhere.


Goldie & Chino Filly

This Little lady is only a few hours old. Born May 31, she is a beautiful little sorrel. She should be a super friendly, well gaited gal that will end up around 15.2-16 hh with lots of muscle. 


Biscuit & Chino Filly

Born May 13th. This cute little gal has a base coat that is golden palomino, but she will end up grey. I have included a picture of her full brother in her gallery to show what color she will end up as. She is very well gaited and will probably end up between 15-15.1 hh. With a super gentle sweet personality, she will be an easy keeper and easy to train.


2018 Foals

Biscuit & Chino Filly

Here's a light colored little lady that is all smooth. She will probably end up around 15.1-15.3 hh. She has a very natural gait, nice conformation and a sweet 

personality. She is actually a very light palomino.

She will be available for sale in the spring when she has her first 30 days of training complete.

Older Horses

Chino's Dancing Sensation

Dancer & Chino

This cute lady was born August of 2016. So she is two coming on three. She is halter broke and ready to start training. She is a little more shy, but is very smart and catches on quickly. She is a fox trotting fool!

$ In Training....and it's going VERY WELL! We will sell her when training is complete!

High Noon At Aajker Creek


Noon is a 14 yr old Gelding that is very friendly. He is 15hh, easy to catch, super gentle and smooth gaited. He prefers a very nice running walk and can he covers country easily. Noon is very well suited to an intermediate rider. He has lots of trail and mountain miles. He's good with all his feet, loads and ties well and is just an all around nice ride. Don't forget to check out is video.

*New Short Video with my 11 yr old daughter*


Other Horses


BLM Adoption

Coming Soon: young, gentled BLM Mustangs for adoption

half Draft

Big Big John

This friendly giant is 2 yrs old. He will end up being a nice big grey...He is out of our very athletic gentle quarter horse mare and a Percheron stud. You can see some of our mares pics in his gallery. He has the first few rides on him and is sooooo easy to train. With a super gentle, friendly personality, he will be an excellent horse for any rider.

 In Training, will be for sale again in the spring!



This friendly guy is super gentle. He runs up to you in the pasture, is curious and loves people. He is incredibly easy to catch, loves other horse, and bonds really fast. He is easy to load and pack and handles well. He is around 5 yrs old and ready to go to work. Check out his little video in his picture gallery. 



Sema (Mom)
Kangal/ Maremma

Livestock Guardians

11 Female available July 21st 

Short Hair! NO cockle burs, NO mud, little shedding!!!!!

Tough enough to endure Wyoming Blizzards!


Hero (Dad)
Kangal/ Boerboel

We are excited to bring you some LGD puppies. The mother is 1/2 Kangal 1/2 Maremma. The Kangal is a large LGD from Turkey bred to kill wolves. They are known for their charisma, intelegence, intimidating presence, gentleness, and incredible protectiveness and power. They don't need to be "taught" what to do, they will naturally integrate with the flock or your family, bond and protect. They are also NOT prone to genetic problems like many large breeds are. They are incredibly agile and athletic. The maremma is a LGD from Italy similar to the Great Pyrenees, but also known for not having genetic problems such as they Great Pyranees does. The mother is an amazing dog she quickly learned to protect our ranch. When we first moved here we had lots of Mountain Lions, grizzly bears, black bears, coyotes, and rattle snakes meandering around our place. I originally wanted to LGD for my kids who love to explore the hills. She was our solution. I was instantly impressed by the amazing job she did, even at a very young age.

The Father is 1/2 Kangal (different line than the mother), 1/2 BoerBoel. The Boerboel is a dog from South Africa bred to protect the farm and everything in it, animals and kids alike. They are incredibly calm, friendly giants yet very formidable against anything threatening the farm. Unlike the Kangal which is a very roamy type of dog, the Boerboel likes to stay put. They don't roam much but like to be with their farm.

We wanted something a little more "sticky" to stay right with the kids and the place, but not take away from the fierce guardian that we need. Hence we got Hero. Our research payed off...he's everything we wanted and even more! He is sweet and gentle with our goats, kids, and chickens, yet incredibly protective. He has the agility and ferocity of the Kangal with the desire to "stay" with the "family."

Sold Horses




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