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Franks Chino Attitude


April 22. 2009

Chino is a very well gaited mountain bred stud. He is truly a 16 hh. big boy, with lots of good muscle, nice endurance, and a friendly attitude. He grew up cascading rugged hills and has proven himself to be a worthy mountain horse. Having packed out numerous elk for years, he still remains the best pack animal to maneuver the steep rugged terrain of the wilderness in the Rockies where we hunt every year. He is curious and outgoing, gentle minded, and with his calm disposition he is wonderful to be around and use. He has excellent confirmation with nice straight legs. His gait is fox trotting all the way. He doesn't have any pace and will frequently produce a well foxtrotting baby out of a pacey mare. He will add size, gentle attitude and a fox trotting gait to your breeding program. Check out his quick video clip as a green broke below.

Registration # 09-95895

DNA # H13-03995

2022 Breeding 

Breed Fee:  $500

Mare Care:  $8/Day Dry

                  $10/Day Wet

March - May15 stall breeding ONLY.

May 15 - August pasture breeding ONLY! (Monthly mare care is $75/month.

Preg check available: Stall mares $140

                              Pasture mares $160

Semen Shipping:  $450 + Breed Fee

*Mares must have current health and negative coggins*


* Please Pull rear shoes on all mares before bringing*

*If mare is MFTHBA registered, please bring a copy of papers*


Chino Pedigree.jpg
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